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Mobile lab of fiber optic

Mobile lab of fiber optic

Mobile laboratory of fiber optic it is intended for performance of emergency recovery works on objects of communication and teleco... Read more

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Population is honoured field inter service development “OAV”attention centrel 14.07.2012

The day of Uzbekistan national information agency connection and informations agency. UZINFOCOM central cooperation “population is honouerd field inter service development. Theme press conference do it,Uzbekistan information and agency connection UZINFOCOM centre specialist mass information instruments servants take part.

Republic Uzbekistan Prezident  2012 year 21-march PQ1730 numb decision...
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Uzbekistan National centree poct 20.06.2012

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Commando-staff exercises was conducted during the period 26-28 April 29.04.2016

During the period  26 to 28 April, with the authorities and forces of the territorial subsystems SSES in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Bukhara, Surkhandarya and Khorezm regions was conducted command and staff exercises in for the preparation military personnel and technique SERM.
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Passed a complex and tactical activity in Syrdarya region in the period of December 22-24 25.12.2015

Passed a complex and tactical activity in Syrdarya region in the period of December 22-24.
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Teachings on the pass Kamchik 11.07.2011

16 - 18 January 2008 SERD participated in the special tactical exercises Force SSALEC in the Tashkent region in the vicinity of the pass Kamchik. In the SERD River was tasked to organize a mobile command post of the Chief of Civil Defence - Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, as well as the organization of communication in the training spots - areas and the elimination of conventional ES.
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1960 - 2016

The day of annual holiday established on December 6, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Defence of USSR on July 13, 1975 № 0065. 

1111 Military Construction team - military unit 15361,  which is part of the Military Rehabilitation Department, Ministry of Communications of the USSR, was formed in accordance with the directive of the Minister of Defense and the order of the Commander of  Turkestan Command fr om October 10, 1960 № 0150. Formation took place on the base of the military unit 37239, stationed in city Zhambyl of Kazakhstan SSR. 

In January 1961 the unit was relocated to Tashkent and placed in a building of the current Tashkent Electrotechnical Institute of Communications. Then the unit constructed and worked on the objects of this institute. In the same year military unit was deployed to village Urt-Aul  of Yangiyul district  of Tashkent region. In 1962, after the completion of the military camp, the unit was relocated to town Solnechniy of Zangiatin district of Tashkent region, wh ere it is located now. 

At various times the following pesrons commanded by the  unit: 

Lt. colonel  Kazachenko Fedor Ivanovich - 1960-1967  
Lt. colonel  Grigoryev Semyen Grigoryevich- 1967-1972 
Lt. colonel  Davletov Nurlanbek - 1972-1975 
Lt. colonel  Petukhov Valeriy Karpovich - 1975-1979 
Lt. colonel  Moskalenko Alexander Grigoryevich - 1979-1984 
Lt. colonel  Petukhov Valeriy Karpovich – 1984- 1986
Lt. colonel  Bulanovich Viktor Ivanovich - 1986-1988 
Lt. colonel  Polinchuk Adam Vasilyevich - 1988-1992 
Colonel Goldman Dmitriy Semyonovich. - 1992-2010 
Colonel Sabirov Yuriy Gafurovich - 2010-2013 
Colonel Abidov Dilshod Sayfullaevich - 2013-2014
Colonel  Adenov Bekzod Erkabaevich - 2014-at the present time.

Structural reforms: 

1960 -1992 
1111 Military-Construction Crew of the Military Emergency Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR. 

1992 -1998  
24 separate crew of Uzbek Agency for Post and Telecommunications. 

1998 –up to now 
Special emergency rehabilitation department ot Communications and Informatization Agency of Uzbekistan. 

In 1992, the part is one of the first that brought under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

Over the years, by the unit’s personnel huge work on construction of communication facilities and the implementation of emergency and recovery operations in Central Asian region and other regions of the former Soviet Union has been done. 
Personnel of the unit took part on construction of the following cable lines: 

Tashkent - Moscow, Alma-Ata - Tashkent - Dushanbe, Tashkent - Ashgabat – Krasnovodsk - Margilan - Fergana, Kokand - Namangan - Fergana, Kushka-Mary - Leninobad - Dushanbe - Kurgan-Tube, Vologda - Arkhangelsk, Novosibirsk - Mamontov - Barnaul - Rubtsovsk, Semipalatinsk-Taldykurgan - Alma-Ata and other. The personnel laid more than 12 thousands  km of cable,  installed more than 300 unserviced booster points, serviced booster points and infrastructure in Otar, Merka, Vanovka, Lenin, etc. cities.

Together with construction companies of UzACI the department participated in building the cable line-Trans asia fiber optic line, radio RRL Soviet Union - India's largest radio broadcast center (object number 900). 

A major focus of management was the construction of urban telephone networks. Due to selfless labor personnel management city telephon network in Tashkent, Samarkand and Fergana, Dushanbe, Ashgabat, Kurgan-Tube and other cities more than 190 thousands kilometers of cable lines, installed more than 45 thousand viewing devices.

2002 - A portable trunked repeater was installed and commissioned. Fence around the perimeter was updated. The web site of SERD is opened. In honor of the year makhallya jointly with the Mahallas Committee honoring war veterans and labor was held.

2003. SERD took part in international exercise "Fergana-2003. 

2004. SERD provided links to exercises "Kamchik-2004”. Command pass point was rebuilt and inaugurated, barracks personnel was completely rebuilt. 

2006. Two integrated radio system "Jayran” is collected and provided by crew. SERD participated and provided a link in the operational and tactical exercises on Kamchik pass in September, in the command-staff exercises of civil defense forces in Andijan province in November. Mobile communications SERD were gain acceptance of  the Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Minister of Emergency Measures, the National Security Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.